#LOVE – Promote What YOU Love!

PromoteWhat YouLOVE!

In January, Kallie Ross, Morgan Wylie and I have been taking one of the words from our fav hastag #LoveWriteCreate and writing about it.  I got LOVE and the first thing that popped to mind was this phrase, “Promote What YOU Love”.  This is what I think every time I let myself read comments in an article or peruse the “REVIEWS” of books online.

I am not sure what it is in me, maybe being a mom or a person who loves to create, but it just eats me up inside.  My mind can not comprehend why anyone would want to tear apart something someone else put time into and created.  Now, I have no problem with people expressing their opinion.  But why does that mean someone has the right to be mean, negative and destructive.  There is a way to give your opinion without being hateful or hurtful.

So this phrase, “Promote what YOU love” makes sense to me.  If you can not be considerate of another persons work while giving your opinion, “Promote what YOU love”.  Change the direction and share with the world those things that inspire you.  “Promote what YOU love”!

I don’t want to see another author pull their work and quit on their dreams because of hateful words.  I don’t want my day ruined by hearing awful words to describe an author, celebrity or musician that I enjoy just because you don’t enjoy them.

“Promote what YOU love”

I also feel like speaking with kindness and encouraging those to find what they love may help others in the long run.  Now I know, there is no helping some of those who just enjoy negativity and TROLLING.  It can not hurt to spread a little positivity even in the face of NEGATIVITY.

Here is a link to a story of a woman who responded in positivity and LOVE to a troll on Twitter.  She may have just changed this kids life.

“Promote what YOU love”.

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