#LoveWriteCreate Vlog #2 – Working Out Your Novel Idea


On this hangout, Kallie Ross, Morgan Wylie and I have some fun fleshing out new novel ideas. With some of the wacky writing exercises Kallie uses in the classroom, you’ll see that your own ideas aren’t far from becoming a novel!


If you want to follow along, but hate the idea of missing out on a question, here’s a list of the writing exercises in this hangout…

What’s your story idea?

  • We’ll get into people and places soon, so try to focus and write out the action that plays out in your idea. This can be as long as you want it, but challenge yourself to keep it concise. (5-8 sentences)
  • To get a grip on the situation you’ve described and create a bit of backstory, explain what let to this happening.
  • Who is/are your main character(s)? Don’t go overboard! There shouldn’t be any more than three main characters, and I’d even limit this exercise to two characters at the most. They don’t have to have a name yet, but it will be helpful to describe their character(s) in 3-5 specific personality traits (i.e. smart, hot, and shy), and a description of who they are (age, school/job/career, family, and one secret they keep).

What’s the MAIN goal of your story?

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