PLANNING IT OUT – Goals & Plotting

Its July folks.

JULY! AHHH!!!! How did this happen?

Another month has flown by and I have gotten very little done on my first draft. 🙁 Today I have decided to try some new things in an attempt to get more words on the page and reach some goals. I have set solid deadline to get the first draft of Enigma out.

I have 60 DAYS! Oh my…what have I done.

Well, if I want to get this book done and start querying before 2016 I need to get this first draft finished. So in 60 days I will be going on a work trip and when I return I will be going to Walt Disney World with my family. I want this draft done so I can take a week to clear some brain space for editing.  I have started using the Passion Planner to really plan out my writing times to keep me on track.

passion planner

I am going to try to designate my writing time for the week every Sunday and have my family and critique partners keep me accountable.

Today I cleared off my enormous cork boards that held some treasures and inspirations.  I tucked them away to be returned to the board when I am done plotting.  I grabbed some sticky notes and decided to plot out the book with my pretty stickies.  I have a majority of the plot done but it was very helpful to get them down in bullet points. It got me thinking about the big picture and I was able to put in some points I missed and added 1600 words to my WIP.  Yay!  This seems to be working and I am excited to keep going.

1600 words

While I was contemplating one of my baddies I started thinking ahead in my story.  I think I have figured out I have a trilogy.  A TRILOGY!!!  Yeah, I know its been done and is being done A LOT.  But I really see two more major things that could continue the story for two more books.  YIKES!  I am going to try to flesh out some basic plots for the next two.  I am hoping that will help me add some goodies to this first book that will come alive in the next two.  Exciting.

Along with planning out my WIP writing time I am scheduling in time to blog a bit more here about what is helping me get Enigma on the page.  I also am excited to start posting my #InspirEnigma lists.  These will be lists of things that are inspiring me that week.  It could be a YouTube video, song, movie or poem.  Anything that gets my imagination going or puts a smile on my face.  I hope these will inspire you and keep the wheels turning so I can stay creative and on track.

Ok, so I am off to Stickie plot.  Poke me on Facebook, Twitter or comment below asking me how many words I have done that day.  I need all the help I can get, Haha!  Let me know what you do to keep yourself organized and on task.

Thanks for reading and keep on inspiring me,

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