So Whatcha, Whatcha, Whatcha like??

Feels like Spring has set off a season of BUSY.  Challenges, WIP’s, weddings, friends moving, family activities & tons more.  So in order to keep ourselves from going nutty, the ladies at #LoveWriteCreate have been brainstorming.  In our last video we asked some questions that have been keeping us busy.  We would love your feedback!

What do you love about your favorite book covers?  Does a hunky guy on the cover turn you off? Are the fonts important to you?

Here are just a couple of my favorite book covers.  Fonts are so important to me.  (I will leave that there or this will be a long post.)  The cover needs to reflect the characters.

Sea of ShadowsThe ImperfectionistsLailah


Do you like book swag?  If you see a table full of stuff, what do you always gravitate towards or pick up?  What would be an awesome item to get from an author?  As for me, I am someone who needs to have a purpose for an item.  I won’t grab it if I don’t think I will use it or if it has no meaning to me.  I am not sure if this is book swag, but I did get an autographed book plate from Rainbow Rowell after I reviewed her book Attachments.  One of my favorite books of all time.  I keep it on my cork board right in front of my desk and really treasure it.  I love the branding on it, it is perfect.


Check out the full video where we chat about what we are writing about.   Our current challenge and talk about the questions above!  Let us know your opinion!  Happy Sunday!

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