Utopya Con 2013 & #LoveWriteCreate

Well, here I am, FINALLY, sitting down after all the CRAZY, which is my life.  Between a huge work load, birthday bashes & my first-born going to her first sleep over camp, blogging has not been happening.  Writing has been just barely getting done.  Ugh.  But this weekend, I attended Utopya Con.  So guess what folks, things are about to change.

Utopya Con is a great conference for YA women writers that is held here in Nashville.  I went last year and it changed my world.  I was just exploring the idea of writing a novel.  My character, Enigma, was just a girl who wandered around after me before Utopya.  The people I met at that conference encouraged and helped me get started writing.  This year was the conference was just as inspiring.  I made some great friends that I hope to be able to work with and encourage them this year.

A few of the friends I made the first year, Morgan Wylie & Teal Haviland have just been so inspirational.  They have both published a book this year and I am learning a ton from their journey.  I was also introduced to an amazing blogger and writer Kallie Ross.  These three have no idea what just their presence does for me.  Trying to write a book is HARD!  But being able to chat and hang with ladies who are willing to teach and encourage is invaluable to a newbie like me.

Likewise the conference was AMAZING!  There is so much to be learned about traditional and independent publishing.  The industry is constantly changing and these amazing authors are so generous to come and share what they know.  There were two really great keynote speakers, Jennifer Armentrout & Jen Sincero.  Both speakers really stressed living out your dreams.  Jen Sincero even encouraged us to get as much done as we could in one week!  So here I am, sharing my experience then I am off to get things done on Enigma.

Morgan, Teal, Kallie & I all attended and it just confirmed how important sharing what you know and encouraging others is.

We have decided to share those tidbits we learn and experience everyday through a hashtag.  #LoveWriteCreate


Check out my page on this blog to find out more about what we have in store.  And if you want to share some of your knowledge or experience, use the hashtag.  You never know who you are going to help or inspire.  #LoveWriteCreate

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