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So here I sit, almost three years into the journey of Enigma.  It started by being moved to read again, hearing a word in a story and realizing I needed to write a book.  Inspired, really, to write about Enigma.  I can honestly say that this story, that has been developing in my mind, has grown to something that is pretty HUGE for this little wife and mom of three.  Do I wish I was done writing it?  Sure.  Do I regret that it is taking me so long?  A few months ago, I would have said yes.  But sitting here, tonight, at my desk, I can honestly say, NO.  Enigma’s story has changed, grown, gotten deeper and more beautiful as I have let it develop in my mind and on my computer.  I do regret not dedicating more time to sitting and getting words on the page.  And I can honestly say its been fear that has kept that from happening.  Fear it was too big a job, that I was kidding myself that I could do the task.  I constantly felt like I was trying to corral water and form it into a shape.  But isn’t that what art is?  Taking the impossible, making it possible and telling all about the journey.  That is what this has been for me.  A journey.  I am already grateful for it.  For who I have met along the way and all that I have learned and experienced.  I have no expectations for this story except to complete it and be able to say I did it.  After that, it is what it is and I will still be glad I did it.

So all of this leads to what I am doing today.  I have vowed to myself to write EVERYDAY.  But I also feel the need to share how and why I am writing.

Enigma is Inspiration.  I am constantly inspired.  By a song, by a story, a video, a dance routine, a poem, an app, a person, a word.  There are so many things.  So much of what inspires me gives a hint to who I am.  Where I grew up, what makes me tick, smile or even cry.  A huge part of Enigma’s story is about what inspires.  So there is not  a better way to keep you updated on what is going on with Enigma then to share with you what is inspiring me.  I am going to try to give you a #inspirenigma post once a week.  A peek at what is making me tick that week and maybe inspiring my story.

This first #inspirenigma post is going to start with the first video that made me want to share my inspirations with you.  It’s a Ted Talk by Mark Ronson.

Music is a HUGE part of who I am and what inspires me.  My husband is a musician, a dj in fact.  The music Mark Ronson talks about is what I grew up listening and dancing to.  I understand dj’s & sampling and the art that is HIP HOP.  So the fact that Mark Ronson can create such amazing musical and visual pieces really floored me.  Even though he was talking about how sampling transformed music, I realized how inspired I was by his interpretation of sampling.  This is ART.  This is writing.  Using what you know, your life experience and your desire to insert yourself into the art and make it your own.  I LOVE IT!

There are also a few songs that have been just really putting me into the mood and mind frame for Enigma.  I started a playlist on YouTube called #Inspirenigma Sept 2015.  I will be updating it all month with music that I am listening to.  You  might even find some other gems too.

I also spent many years dancing in dance classes and in clubs growing up in Los Angeles.  Dancing has a special place in my heart.  And even though its been about 18 years since I have danced professionally, I still love watching great performances.  Recently my tastes have leaned towards HipHop and urban dance.  So be sure to check out the YouTube playlist above, it  will also be host some great hip hop routines.  But don’t be surprised if you see some ballet or lyrical dances too.  I spent many a day on pointe shoes.  Here is one that I am loving right now.

So there it is.  I am going to write, everyday till Enigma is done.  I am also going to also share what is inspiring me.  I know this journey can not only be for me.  But for every one of you who needs inspiration today.  Inspiration for what?  That is for you to find out.

See you soon!

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